Little Sentry’s trip to Valve

Hey guys,

A few days before posting my desk sentry assembly pictures, I had sent the the little guy to the TF2 Team over at Valve. As the gift was intended for Valve, I wanted to make sure they were the first to see it before I posted it up on Reddit.

Here is the sentry at Valve, along with the Weta Workshop Sentry they have in the lobby.

– Dave


Oh look! You’ve found a crate!

What do you have there?

Lets open it up! Where is that crowbar? Oh wait, I bet you have plenty of keys…

Whats this!?

It looks like a parts kit… for a Sentry Gun?!

Lets see, we’ve got a turret, a mount, 1 support strut, 2 pairs of legs and a hip joint. Grab a wrench and lets get this doggie up and running.

Legs attach together…wow, that was easy.

Now we have this here turret, mount and the support assembly…

Slide the turret head into the mount. Thicker side facing outward.

Move until the mount and the turret sit flush in the middle

Insert the support strut into the hip joint support

And attach the legs…

side view

Attach turret head to body. (2 post holes under turret head)

I built that!

Ain’t that a cute lil’ gun?

Now I’ve seen everything.





Hey Guys,

I hope you enjoyed this

I’ll do a write up later on how I got to this point. Laters!

– Dave

Finished with first project, Papercraft Crate

Hey guys,

My first project is now complete and I’ve tried my best to make the blog a bit easier to navigate. I am not familiar with wordpress, so this is the best I can do in such a short notice.

To view my progress from the beginning, please click in the “TF2 Crate Log” page in the menu above. You will get to see how I came up with the crate from start to finish. My documentation may not to the best, but it will give you a good idea of my though process.

I have also included a download page for you to download a copy of the PDF for yourself to try out. In the coming days, I’ll probably upload a video on how to assemble the box, but most of it should be self explanatory. I have also included a donation button if you would like to donate as well.

Thanks all and have a great day!

Done! Papercraft pt6

Well, a few quick edits and I think I have come to a result I am happy about.

Here is the template…

I ended up making the lock much larger. Details are lacking, making it seem more cartoon based, much like the game. I am also happy how the chains turned out. They are minimal, while still giving you the feeling they are chains running around the box.

To solve the white overlap, i cut&pasted the side bars on the wood panels over to where the white was about to peak through. I also added lips to the inside panels, giving it a “lock” to keep the front and side panels in.

And here is the result! (I know the chain is misaligned, went and fixed that, sort of)

After everything, this was a pretty fun project. What it is more… will definately be exciting for some. I’ll post a download link to a PDF file in a bit.

– Dave

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Adding the Chains, Papercraft pt5

And here we have the results of the chains!

On this build, the chains seem really small and the lock needs to be much larger to match the source a bit more. Gotta work on this. Since the wood panels are lacking strong details, the chains seem too detailed in comparison. I think decreasing the link numbers, while making wider sections more prominent with less detail would match much better. Not sure if I wrote that very well.

Here it is, built

Other notes.

There are several lines where the white can be seen under the colored panels. You can see this mainly on the side panels where the it loops over. I feel It detracts strongly from the crate. I think i need to add some minor overlap to the exposed white spots to cover them up. Should not be hard.

– Dave

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Filling in the crate, Papercraft pt4

Back again!

Based off this image of the Team Fortress 2 Crate

I came up with a similar style for the paper crate’s exterior.

This is what I came up with

I tried to keep the number of wood sections of the front, left and top similar to the source crate and had free reign for the other panels.

Now on the add the chains.

– Dave

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